Karen Sokolow


Karen Sokolow discovered her excitement for the circus during her freshman year at Vassar College when the extracurricular circus arts club offered an opportunity to learn partner acrobatics and fire spinning. She quickly became a leading member of the club and began teaching partner acrobatics to incoming members and, after graduating, at local and national festivals.

Karen has always been passionate about education, and has been teaching people of all ages for more than 10 years. She tutors children and teens in everything from math to english to AP Bio, has worked with kids of all ages (and languages) in daycare centers, and has spent countless summers teaching english and American culture courses to young professionals in China. Currently, Karen is a high school math teacher at Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall school in Waltham whose students claim dramatically, “You’re kind of a like a superhero—you teach math during the day, but by night… you circus!”