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Frequently Asked Questions

Yay, welcome! We offer a lot of different types of classes at Esh. For youth, most classes are divided by age and are “general circus” classes, meaning we do a little bit of everything. You can learn more by visiting the Youth Classes page and reading the descriptions.

Adult classes are divided by discipline, meaning each class has a specific focus, such as aerial silks, handstands, or juggling. You can find descriptions of each class on the Adult Classes page. These classes are divided by level. If you’re new to something, you’ll start with the 101 class.

Absolutely! Our 101 classes are designed for true beginners – you don’t need to be able to do a pull-up or climb a rope. All we ask is that you show up willing to try something new. You’ll probably surprise yourself with how much you can do in the first class!

Check out our Gentle Aerials class, which moves at a more relaxed pace and is specifically aimed at folks who are overcoming a fear of heights, working with physical limitations, or who simply want to slow down and take their time. You might also enjoy the Cirque Fit class, or a more low-impact class like Juggling or Ballet Barre (aka Ballet for Every Body!)

Nope! All of our rigging and aerial equipment at Esh has a working load limit of at least 2000 pounds. We could safely hang cars from this equipment – you’ll be just fine!

Awesome! Having a background in movement is certainly helpful in learning some circus disciplines. But if you’re brand new to a discipline, you’ll need to start in the 101 class. Higher level classes assume knowledge of fundamental movements and skills that are specific to each circus art, so if you don’t have that knowledge, you’re not ready for that higher level class. Don’t worry though – our classes are small (most 101 level classes are capped at 4 students), so you’ll be able to move through the material at a pace that’s right for you.

Absolutely – we believe that circus is for every body! Many of our coaches have training and experience working with students with disabilities, and we’re working to educate all of our coaches on inclusive teaching practices. To choose which discipline you’d like to explore, you can check out our class descriptions here. We encourage all new students to email us at with any questions, and so that we can help you find which class will be the best fit for you. It can also be helpful to schedule a private lesson to try one or more circus skills before signing up for a session of classes.

Our building has a wheelchair-accessible entrance, three accessible restrooms, and on-site parking (including designated parking for students and visitors with disabilities). The activity and noise levels in the main studio are oftentimes high, but we do have some quiet spaces that students can access in the lobby, hallway, and restrooms if needed. For more information on the accessibility of the building and classes, or to provide us with feedback on how you would like to see Esh become a more inclusive space, please email

Welcome! Students who are new to Esh but not new to circus and who wish to enroll in a class above beginner level (beginner level classes are All Levels or Level 101) must first schedule an evaluation by filling out the Private Lesson Request Form. Include the details of your prior experience so we have some background info, and we’ll schedule a 30 minute private lesson for you to meet with a coach who will help determine the best place for you to start at Esh.

Alternatively, you can send some recent training video to, and we might be able to make a recommendation about the appropriate class level for you.

The best time to stop by is on Sundays during our open studio training hours. Open studio training is only for current students, but prospective students are welcome to make an appointment to come in to see the space in action. To make an appointment to visit, or if you have questions about the schedule or need help registering, email us at

You are welcome to visit the studio and watch classes from inside the lobby, but for safety we only allow students into the main training space.

New students are welcome to drop in on 101-level classes during the first two weeks of a session. Other great ways to try circus before signing up for a session are to sign up for a Taster Class or schedule a private lesson.

Yeah, that happens a lot, and we know it can be frustrating! We strongly recommend that you add yourself to the waitlist for any class you’re interested in – you’ll be notified automatically if a spot opens up – and check out classes that do still have spots open! We offer as many classes as we can each session and there are lots of cool things to try.

We previously had a policy that allowed returning students to register a few days before registration opened to the public. We have discontinued that policy; registration now opens for everyone at the same time. This decision came from an examination of ways to make the studio more accessible to students with a wider range of identities and from a variety of backgrounds, and is a reflection of the ways we seek to value diversity and inclusion at Esh.

Great question! Check out the Clothing section on the Studio Policies page for info on what to wear. We recommend that students bring a water bottle that can be tightly sealed (no glass containers please!), a notebook, and something to write with.

Warm up is included in class time, so no need to warm up before you arrive!

We have three accessible bathrooms (one-at-a-time, non-gendered) and a changing room. We do not have locker rooms or a shower. If possible, we recommend that you show up to class already dressed for circus since bathrooms can get busy during transitions between class times. We have cubbies for students’ possessions, but we recommend that you leave valuables at home or in your car since there is not a space to lock your things.

Parking is available in the lot located behind the studio. There are usually spots in the parking lot, but in case it’s full, additional parking is available on Beacon St. (unmetered, up to 2 hours) and Somerville Ave. (metered, up to 2 hours).

Yep! Practice Time and Open Studio are for Esh students ages 16+ to practice the skills they are learning in class. If you are not an Esh student but wish to attend practice time or open studio, please contact for approval before attending. Practice time and open studio are not appropriate for those with no circus experience.

You can find the Adult Practice Time schedule on the Make-up/Drop-in Calendar for the current adult session. Practice time and open studio spots are limited and students must reserve their space in advance.

You can find our cancellation policy on the Studio Policies page.

Yep! Check out our Shop page for gifts and gear.

You can – we do have a phone number – but you’ll get our voicemail, which will tell you to email us. Because our staff is usually busy teaching circus, we aren’t available to answer the phone. If you’d like someone to give you a call, email your name, number, and some good times to reach you to and we’ll be in touch.