Elizabeth Sibert


Elizabeth grew up doing competitive gymnastics and was bitten by the circus bug when she was introduced to flying trapeze and circus arts at the age of 10. Elizabeth has trained, performed, and coached numerous aerial, acrobatic, and balance circus disciplines, both on the ground and in the air. She loves learning new things and discovering new ways to use circus-style movement, and is most comfortable with her feet OFF the ground!

Elizabeth began coaching circus arts in 2007, and has coached, trained, and performed with circus schools around the country. In addition to coaching at Esh from 2017-2020, Elizabeth has taught aerials, acrobatics, and juggling with Aerial Revolution, Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus, Gravity Alternative Movement, and Aircraft Aerial Arts. She also founded and ran the aerial silks program at UC San Diego. She is glad to be back in MA as of 2023 and back at Esh! As a coach, Elizabeth combines her technical background with the creative movement of circus to help students discover the best ways to facilitate their unique paths through skill development and growth. Elizabeth’s favorite part of circus is supporting people as they stretch their limits, overcome fears, and discover what they are capable of, and she is thrilled to be able to share her passion with the Boston circus community.

In addition to circus arts, Elizabeth holds a PhD in Oceanography and is a full-time research scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, working at the intersection of paleontology, marine biology, and climate change. Elizabeth likes to think she won the little kid dream job lottery – she’s a paleontologist and a marine biologist, and she ran away with the circus!