Elizabeth Sibert


Elizabeth grew up doing competitive gymnastics and was bitten by the circus bug when she was introduced to flying trapeze and partner trapeze at age 10 – her feet haven’t hit the ground since! She has trained with Circus Smirkus, Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus, Colorado Academy, Nimble Arts, and Aerial Revolution. Elizabeth has trained, performed, and taught a wide range of aerial, ground-based, balancing, and object manipulation skills – she absolutely loves learning new things and discovering new ways to use circus-style movement. She is most comfortable with her feet OFF the ground!

Elizabeth has been teaching circus for more than 10 years. She began coaching with Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus summer camp and flying trapeze academy in the Boston area, then moved to California in 2008 for school. In California, Elizabeth taught and performed a variety of aerial and acrobatic disciplines for Aerial Revolution, and helped to found, develop, and run an aerial silks program at UC San Diego. In addition, Elizabeth has been a guest workshop instructor around the country. Elizabeth’s favorite part of circus is teaching: she loves working with people to help them stretch their limits, overcome fears, achieve their goals, discover new things about themselves, and share in the magic of circus.

Outside of circus, Elizabeth holds a PhD in oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and is a full-time research scientist, working at the intersection of paleontology, marine biology, and climate change at Harvard University. Elizabeth likes to think she won the dream job lottery – she’s both a paleontologist and a marine biologist, and she ran away with the circus!