R Feynman


In 2017, R was lured into dancing at Esh by the promise of movement in an explicitly trans and body positive space – something they had never experienced. They found that, and more.

R has been doing aerials since the first gentle aerials class at Esh, focusing mostly on silks and sling. They’ve also performed in several student shows, and attended the Larger than Lithe training for fat/plus-size aerialists in Mexico, lead by Ginger Snaps and Mackenzie Dunn! R brings their experience of learning aerials in a non-normative body-mind to teaching others. They are dedicated to making class a place where fat, disabled, and trans students are celebrated, catered to, and supported. They love finding work-arounds and creative approaches to bring people closer to their goals.

Outside of Esh, R works as a community organizer, bringing disabled people into the rooms where decisions are made about their lives. R’s main focus is affordable, accessible housing.