Michael Lewin


Inspired by a street performance festival he attended in his youth, Michael Lewin has continually strived to perform for an audience in any capacity he could. He grew up performing in theater, dance, music, and even briefly as a shout leader. In 2008 he became the hand drummer for the belly dance troupe Oriental Dansi. Shortly after that he discovered the explosive art of fire performance and promptly added it to his repertoire and joined the Utah Fire Conclave. By the year 2012 Michael had discovered Cyr wheel, purchased his own, and just 3 months later performed his first Cyr wheel act for Voodoo Productions. The same year he uprooted from his home town and settled in the Boston area. Since his move, he has continued to study and train Cyr wheel and Cyr wheel coaching under Esh’s own Kate Law, as well as her brother Ethan Law; NECCA’s Zebediah Galipeau, and graduating student Steve Brine. Michael has also received coaching from Sam Tribble of Spinovation. In March of 2015, Michael attended the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation’s Big Wheel Weekend and completed the Cyr wheel coaching program.