Liliana Jimenez


Always curious about dance since she was a little girl, it was not until her college years that Liliana discovered the opportunities in the world of Latin Dance and Partner Acrobatics. Fully dedicating herself to the crafts since 2009, Liliana has trained intensely in Salsa, Bachata, and Partner Acrobatics with some of the top instructors in the community, including Dave Paris, Vera Rowe, and Rumba y Timbal Dance Studio, where she started her professional career.

After experiencing pushback in her early dance career, Liliana realized the importance of supporting dance for anyone and everyone. This has been a core value in everything she teaches. Over the years she as cross trained in Ballet, Yoga, Powerlifting, Pole Dance, pretty much anything and everything to help her gain the knowledge to support anyone wanting to learn to dance! She specializes in adagio-style partner acrobatics, which she integrates into her salsa and bachata routines.