Ezra Varley


Despite a childhood spent climbing trees and performing music and theater, Ezra decided to focus on math and science rather than art and pursue an engineering degree at MIT. There they were introduced not only to engineering concepts but also to the joys of rock climbing, canyoneering, and confined space rescue—given this background it should come as no surprise that when they finally discovered circus they were immediately drawn to aerial rope! Rope remains their truest love, but Ezra also enjoys exploring vertical theory on silks and learning how to be a beefcake on straps, and has dipped their toe into pretty much everything circus. After graduating from the Esh Professional Preparatory Program in 2022, Ezra took the plunge and left their tech job to pursue circus full time, and they couldn’t be happier about that decision! In addition to training at Esh, Ezra has completed teacher training with Paper Doll Militia.

Ezra brings their engineering background and love of creative problem-solving to coaching, helping students of all levels troubleshoot tricky spots for bodies and brains. They also love being able to draw from their experience with physical gender transition—they’ve inhabited two very different bodies with big changes in between, and having to learn many skills more than once allows them to connect with a wide variety of students. Ezra is a firm believer that anyone can do circus and is excited to share their love of this art form with others!