ari green performing on aerial rope

Ari Green

Studio Manager & Volunteerism Coordinator

Ari grew up in nearby Nashua, NH, and has enjoyed climbing, dancing, and performance since she was very young. After many years of exploring different forms of creative expression, she found the Esh community and circus in 2013, and has never looked back! Although she has enjoyed dabbling in several other disciplines, Ari’s true circus loves are rope and silks and the capacity for beautiful problem-solving that they provide. She has also found immense joy in painting on a glitter mustache, climbing the silks, and entertaining audiences as a lip-synching Freddie Mercury.

With a background in administration, event and conference management, and communication, Ari enjoys helping to bring circus to the community and the community to circus as a member of the Esh administrative staff. She is passionate about sharing the joy, strength, and magic of circus, and is excited to take her journey further!

When not in the air or upside down, Ari enjoys gardening, spending time with her cats, and educating the world about sexual health and wellness.