COVID-19 Response Plan

Last updated: July 10th, 2022

Our goal at Esh is always to keep the health and safety of our community at the forefront of our decision-making. As we navigate the evolving public health landscape, we seek to continue making and implementing policies that are in line with current scientific understanding, research, and guidance; and to respond to and be guided by the feedback and consensus of our community. Please feel free to contact us at any time at

COVID Response Policies

For all programming:

  • All students who are attending programming at Esh must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination before arriving at the studio. This includes youth students ages 5 and younger beginning with the Youth Fall Session.
  • Masks are not required, but are recommended while inside the studio. We are reevaluating the mask requirement on an ongoing basis, and will publicly announce a policy change if we choose to make one.
  • Some coaches may choose to offer students hands-on spotting to assist with certain skills; other coaches may not offer spotting. As always, coaches will ask for consent before touching or spotting a student, and students may always refuse. We value our strong consent culture at Esh!
  • Equipment may be used multiple times during the day, and students might share equipment during classes. 
  • Mats will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day; mats that are visibly sweaty or dirty will be cleaned immediately after use.
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned daily.
  • Hand sanitizer will remain available in several locations throughout the studio. All students are required to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before each class and lesson.
  • In order to prevent crowding in the lobby between classes, there will be at least 15 minutes between all classes.
  • Our air filtration system will continue to run at all times, and the garage doors will be open when possible in order to increase ventilation and air flow in the studio space.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to monitor the latest developments and research regarding this virus, and will update our protocols based on new information. We will continue to communicate with our community about policy changes. If you have questions, thoughts, or feedback, please feel free to get in touch any time at