Elise Teddy Sipos


Elise Thea Sipos, known to her circus friends as “Teddy,” grew up in the southern bayous of Louisiana. To minimize the damage, her parents put this whirling dervish into dance class at the young age of five. Over the years she has studied modern dance, creative expression through improvised movement, the ancient art of Bharata Natyam, ballet, jazz, flamenco, and various styles of African dance.

In 2007, Elise graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Biology. After college, Elise moved to Chicago and was fortunate to work with Aerial Dance Chicago for three seasons; a company which infuses the aerial acrobatic arts with ground dance choreography. Elise primarily studied aerial fabric and trapeze, although she learned choreography in bungee and rope and harness.

In 2011, Teddy moved to Vermont to participate in the Professional Track Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA). There she learned more about the technical aspect of aerial movement and found a new thirst for expanding her circus vocabulary. Her focus for the program was in an invented apparatus, which she calls a Halo, and in acrobatic dance, while strengthening her knowledge in fabric, lyra, and contortion. Teddy completed a residency at NECCA, which produced a duo trapeze act with her trapeze partner, Gwynne Flanagan, and the formation of their group, Forever Marzipan. Presently, Elise is following her passion and enjoying success as a professional aerialist with Girls on Trapeze, Nimble Arts, and Cirque Imagination. In 2018 she left full time work as the Assistant Director of Aerial Horizon in San Antonio, Texas, and is excited to bring her passion for movement to the community at Esh Circus Arts!