Adrianna Arintok

Instructor & Front Desk

Adrianna has had a lifelong love of creative endeavors. As a child she particularly enjoyed painting and dancing. Her favorite style of dance was tap.

Adrianna graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2010. She found CrossFit and strength training shortly thereafter, and fell in love with the intensity and the community. She was a CrossFit instructor from 2012-2018. During that time she also became USAW certified and worked with all new members on the foundations of Olympic Lifting. She was the program director and sole instructor for a small CrossFit for kids program from 2014- 2016, where the emphasis was on enjoying fitness through play. Outside of work, she dabbled in other physical hobbies such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing bootcamp, and indoor rock climbing. However, her preference was always for linear strength training. Nothing compared to the satisfaction of adding (or trying to add) one kilo to her back squat every Friday.

Early in 2021, still trying to find ways to be active indoors through the pandemic, Adrianna decided to learn how to balance in a handstand. As she started exploring the world of handbalancing through the window of social media, she became captivated by its aesthetics and its potential for self-expression. It reminded her of dancing as a child. She is excited to continue to explore handbalancing and circus.

When not working or training, Adrianna enjoys making things. After moving back to a cold weather climate, she fell in love with the fiber arts. She now always has multiple knitting and quilting projects in the works.